I love the internet

I mean, I get to make self-important artistic statements and people will actually look at it!

These images are taken from a book I made a while back. A friend and I had been drinking a bit, and decided to pull out our sketchbooks. The rules of the game were 1. pick a word 2. draw whatever pops into mind related to that word for 1 minute 3. switch.

The drawings looked pretty cool, so I scanned them into pshop. I used the magic wand to select the pencil lines, then converted the selection to a path. Next, I used pshop cs’s export paths to illustrator function (under file). Once in illustrator, I started deleting paths, adding colour, and generally mucking about.

I quickly wrote some blabber according to the mood each image struck. The point of the words were to give me something to play with typographically, as opposed to having any particular meaning or insight. In retrospect though, they’re kind of cool little things – more like lyrics than poems.

I have more like these. Wanna see them?

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