Growing pains, part 1

This is the second time I’ve been involved in my own business. The first offered many (sometimes painful) lessons. One of the most important lessons I learned was to *know what I didn’t know*. This is harder than it sounds.

We’re ego driven creatures (must… let… ego… go….). We like to be right. Occasionally to our peril. This time around, I’m a bit older, and a bit wiser. I don’t want to be right. I want to succeed. But maybe just a little too much.

We’ve been over-run with quote requests and new work. This is an incredibly unbelievably wild thing. See, I’m still stuck on the fact that anyone actually reads this. So to conceive of people contacting us because of _my blog_… Well, it just doesn’t compute! Odd confession, but there you go.

Because I’m so new at all this, and because I’m driven, and because I’ve spent the past 3 years barely, _barely_ scraping by, I’ve been prone to say “hell ya!” when asked to take projects on.

It’s been an amazing experiment in testing one’s limits. Somehow, despite the pressure I’m managing to produce some amazing work. I know that if I keep on going at this pace though, something’s going to give. (One could argue something has – I’m scared to step on a scale, but I’m at least 20 pounds heavier than I was 3 years ago).

So, I’m going to take my own advice: I’m going to admit that I don’t know my own limits until I’ve broken them. I have a file folder filled with x-rays and a closet filled with braces and crutches to prove it. I’m going to listen to those closest to me and back it off a bit.

The terrifying, horrifying reality is that means I’ll have to say no to new work. If I do, I fear I’ll never get another job. Cliché, I know. Still…

*So, to summarize:* cutting back before burnout is a good thing.

Does this mean I have to give up Neil Young?