Fantastic service goes a long, long way

I finally got around to booking my airline tickets to SXSW last night, and have to pass on a story of exceptional service. To make a long and convoluted story as short and painless as possible, suffice it to say that having searched high and low, I was trying to book online with “”: Their site was giving me a headache at checkout (new design coming soon, courtesy of “moi”:, and normally I’d have passed, but their rates were better than the competition by a sizable margin. So I picked up the phone and called.

The guy at the other end, Drew Kelley, was simply amazing. He went way, waaayyy beyond the call of duty to find us the best rates and the best schedule. By calling this guy, we saved over $1200. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you’re looking to make travel arrangements out of Toronto (or elsewhere for all I know), send him an “email”