Almost Cool, v1.0

Almost Cool was created in the fall of 2004, while recovering from disc surgery, and trying not to go insane with boredom. The impetus for, or rather the catalyst to doing the actual design and coding was an “article”: written by Andrei Herasimchuk at “Design by Fire.”:

*About the Name*
Do we all remember the heart warming cold-war story of *The Hundredth Monkey*? For those who are too young or too old, the premise of the story is that once a certain percentage of a population learns a lesson (in this case, one hundred monkeys), the whole of the population spontaneously shares the knowlege. I am the 97th monkey. I am not the first monkey, nor the 10th, but I am in that lead group, albeit at the tail end. Hence, almost cool.

*About the Code*
This is where I giggle with glee. I wrote the code by hand! All of it! Tee hee! I’ve never done this before, having relied on Dreamweaver in its various forms and guises to do the work for me. Almost Cool uses valid xhtml and css, and one tiny table (though I won’t tell where).

I use “Textpattern”: to manage the blog, mostly because 1, it’s free, and 2, I could figure out how to install it. As it turns out, once one becomes familiar with its paradigm, it’s simply brilliant.

*About the Author*
Having already compared myself to a monkey, and not a particluarly bright one at that, you may well be wondering who it is pushing the buttons behind the scenes. I dislike having to sum one’s self up in a few sentences. Who am I? Oh boy, there’s a loaded question. Let’s just say this: I am a father to two incredible girls. I am a husband to the love of my life. I am a loved and loving son. I am an ex-bike racer, an ex-windsurfer, and ex-snowboarder (don’t worry, only until my back is better). I am an avid reader, a dis-interested gardener, and a lover of fine foods and wine. I’ve studied business and art, and practice both. I live by the words “help others make wealth, and wealth will come to you”.

How’s that?