Passion FTW! Part deux, WiredWednesday Edition

The fine folks from RedWire asked me to deliver the Passion FTW! talk at their monthly gathering of entrepreneurs. I was very stoked to do so, not least because I got to share a stage with the inimitable Saul Colt and David Crow.

This presentation is a bit different from the previous version. It’s been tweaked to appeal to a broader audience, and generally refined. I think it reads a bit better, and makes more sense as a stand alone piece.

20 Minute Photo

I had a break between picking up and dropping off my kids at birthday parties today. I grabbed my camera and headed to the closest park. The Sumac is just turning a fluorescent shade of red. Against the grey light, it looks unnatural.

Victoria Park, Oct 4 2008

Victoria Park, Oct 4 2008

Victoria Park, Oct 4 2008

Victoria Park, Oct 4 2008

Victoria Park, Oct 4 2008

Victoria Park, Oct 4 2008

Rethinking almost cool

For a variety of reasons, I’m rethinking this site. Reasons include:

  • The desire to better show off my work
  • Put some ideas to test
  • Better pull together my various online activities

Here are a few shots from my initial brainstorming notes:




First shots with new camera

Wow, what a difference a camera makes! After humming and hahhing for more than a year, this weekend I picked up a Canon Rebel XSi with 18-55 and 55-250 image stabilized lenses. I’ve told my family to get used to seeing me with a camera stuck in my face.

Here’s a sampling. More can be found on flickr