Minimizing Regrets

Hugh Macleod recently posted a terrific list of 26 random thoughts on being an entrepreneur. It’s a great fast read, filled with Hugh’s usual mix of wit and insight.

There’s a comment on the article that really strikes a chord. A fellow named Walter Higgins writes

most people are all about minimizing risks – entrepreneurs are about minimizing regrets.

Bingo. I don’t think I’ve ever had my own attitude so wonderfully summed up. To my addled brain, life is risk. It’s un-escapable. To be paralyzed by risk is to lop a goodly portion of joy right off the top of your allotment. Personally, I’m more terrified by what might have been than by what might be. Death doesn’t scare me. Lying on my death bed wishing I’d followed a dream scares me shitless.

Maybe that’s a good indicator for one’s suitability as an entrepreneur. What’s your risk to regret ratio?

Business Blog Basics – Starts TODAY

File this under “It’s a good idea to look at your calendar”.

Andy Wibbels and I will be teaching another Business Blog Basics course starting at 3pm EST today.

The course is filled with info for those of you either new to blogging, or considering adding a blog to your marketing mix.

If you can’t make the first call, it’s ok – we record it, so you can listen to it at your convenience.

More details can be found at the course site.

RELIEF! The Blog Studio redesigned (again)

I’ve redesigned “”: again. That may have been the shortest lived design of my career!

In this case, I’ve stripped the design back to its very essense. It’s an exercise in raw minimalism. And it will continue to evolve.

Like Darth Vader, I knew this design had some good in it. But I had to dig right down to the heart of it to find that good. Now that I have, I’ll continue to build on it as necessary to meet our ever changing goals.

I’ll make short posts like this when the design has been updated, so that those of you reading this via RSS can check in to see what’s up.

Three months with WordPress

So what do I think, three months after changing from “Textpattern”: to “WordPress”: It’s a bit of a mixed bag actually. WordPress has some nice features

what I like

* templates
* all the options on the write post page
* the gazillion plugins
* the simple, elegant plugin system
* the need to learn some php
* the ease of creating a static page
* the ease of adding categories on the fly
* the ability to edit my templates using Transmit

what I don’t
* the complexity in creating sections
* the sometimes weird way it interprets paragraph breaks
* the need to learn some php (Textpattern’s tags are much more elegant)
* I miss Textpattern’s extra fields

“The Blog Studio’s”: site is still on Textpattern, and will not be changing any time soon. The different areas of that site pull data into different sections – something that would be trickier to do in WordPress. The thing that’s really floating my boat these days is “Expression Engine”: We’re involved in a couple of projects with EE at the moment, and I am *totally* blow away.

It takes the graphical loveliness and ease of use of WordPress’ back end, and combines it with the power and flexibility of Textpattern. Then cranks it up to 11. This is one impressive CMS. At $249 for a commercial license, it is cheap cheap cheap. I’ll write more about it as I get to know it a bit more. This program is going to make my life a whole lot easier.

Business Blog Basics Telecourse

Hey – know anyone who’s considering adding a blog to their marketing mix for 06? If you wouldn’t mind, could you let them know about the “Business Blog Basics”: course “Andy Wibbels”: and I are teaching? It starts next Wednesday, so they should move pretty quickly…