I work long hours. Everyone does these days. It’s the only way to make it in this game.

In addition to having a business though, I have a family. Trying to balance the two is incredibly tough. Working 24/7 isn’t a realistic long term possiblity either.

Part of my strategy for maintaining my sanity and having a good quality of life is to take weekends off, and to close the studio in time to have dinner with my kids.

The challenge is that there is an expectation on the part of some of my clients that I be available to chat during non-traditional business hours.

This is complicated by the fact that my clients are spread all over the world. Trying to connect during office hours when our time zones are on opposite sides of the world is plain impossible.

Obviously, if I want to play, I’ve got to pay. What I’m wondering though, is how you handle this situation. I’ve got our studio hours posted on the contact page of “my site”:, but that’s the absolute bare minimum.

So, what do you do?