Book Reviews

By now you’ve heard all the buzz about “The Zen of CSS Design”: This is a rare case of the item living up to its reputation. This is a lovely book to look at, fun and easy to read, and chock-full of tips, tricks, and more.

“WebRedesign 2.0”:, by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler. First of all, how could someone with the last name Goto _not_ be involved with code? I know, I know, she’s probably heard it a million times… In the three weeks I’ve had this book, I’ve made more of a profit, had happier clients, and felt more relaxed and in control of my work. Can anything be more worthwhile? GO BUY IT NOW!

“Defensive Design for the Web”: by the guys at “37 Signals”: is a useful, if *very dry* look at how to make it easier for your users when something inevitably goes wrong. To be fair, the subject itself is, to me, the least interesting aspect of web design. Yes, I get it. I know how important it is (I bought the damn book, didn’t I?). This is the cod liver oil of the trio. It’s good for you, so you’d better read it.