About the Daily Brief

The Daily Brief is a daily newsletter that is curated by me, Peter Flaschner and written by AI. This is version 0.8

The summaries are made from my email newsletters and YouTube subscriptions. Topics include News, AI, Business, Design, Culture, Coding, Cycling, and more.

Staying up to date on AI - news, research, releases, code repositories, experiments, reviews, tools - and it's impact on business and culture is a key part of being good at my job as CMO at Klick.

Between newsletters, YouTube subscriptions, podcasts, and stuff I find throughout the day, knowing where to put my attention to get the best return on time is a super power. It's not one I have though, so I built the Daily Brief.

The Daily Brief is my way to keep an eye on a bunch of things I care about. It's also a jumping off point to explore more.

It's also a really fun coding project. I have a few more features to add, like improving the links to source, making tags interactive, implementing a read more button, and creating an 'add to brief' chrome extension. Plus there's a lot ofcleaning up to do - I'm learning on the job here. When it's ready I'll post it on Github. Setting up your own Daily Brief will be fairly straightforward.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear if you find this useful, and if you have ideas to improve it.