Falling in love with the blues

Buddy Guy performing at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2007

You know that satisfying click as two pieces of a puzzle form together? That’s how I felt when I really listened to the Blues a few months ago. It was like my ears had been formed just so in order to wring the most from every vibration of blues music. I just loved it instantly.

I found my way to the blues through my guitar. I’ve been playing a lot the past year and a bit, and have naturally tended towards playing blues tunes. Everyone who learns to play guitar learns to play the blues. It’s one of the simplest forms of music to become proficient at.

At the same time, it can take a lifetime to master. A friend asked me why I was so attracted to the blues, and I described it like this:

You know that feeling, when you’re totally in the zone, where you almost disappear? I think you can get into that zone more quickly playing blues than you can with other forms.

This means that the really great blues players and singers get to focus more on feeling, tone, and phrasing and less on complex fingerings and theory. You don’t spend a lot of time talking about the blues – you just play.

I started by formal introduction to the blues on wikipedia. That article led me to Buddy Guy, and I haven’t really recovered.

That’s more than enough writing about the blues for one day. Time to play.

New Black Mountain album

I love me some Black Mountain. Their debut album rocks hard. The latest In the Future, which I’m currently giving my inaugural listen to, builds on the wicked psych-rock-metal-stoner-funk of Black Mountain. These are people not afraid of the distortion knob on their guitar rigs.

This is a very guitar forward album. The vocals are mixed well behind the lead, and seem to serve as much as fill as anything else. There’s lots of big soundscapes here. Lots of space to rock out.

Pownce looks handy. Next.

Pownce looks like a very handy tool. One part Twitter, one part file sharing, one part IM. But do I want another social app/client/IM thing? No, I do not.

Between Snitter, Adium, Facebook, Virb, Mail.app, and this very blog, I don’t have the screen real estate or the attention span to pick up another habit.  

How long must I keep this crap

inside the box o’ cables, originally uploaded by flashlight.

Included in the box ‘o cables was the power adaptor to my circa 1992 PowerBook 150, a serial to palm cable for my 1996 Palm III, 5 ps2 to usb converters from various keyboards, 8 ethernet cables, 3 dvi to vga adaptors, 18 miles of speaker cable (not shown), and 4 “emergency” mice.

What I did on 2008-01-21

  • Getting ready to watch raiders of the lost ark for the first time in a decade #
  • browsing flickr checking out generative art built with Processing #
  • Monday! #
  • I think my desire to repeatedly twitter my love for coffee might be a sign of a deeper issue #
  • if anyone asks you to export data from blogger, run away #
  • @Travis, that’s what you get for living in Canada eh? #
  • the web for kids has become as commercial and crass as tv, only the hooks go much deeper #
  • @matthew, thanks! #
  • @Erik that looks like a handy app #

Export from blogger?

Warning: this post contains no useful information. 

Trying to get your data out of Blogger? Good luck! The instructions on Blogger’s own help pages for exporting your data from their system is wrong. There is no way to get your data out in a format that is going to do anything except make you wish you never used Blogger. 

Be responsible: if anyone asks you about setting up a blog, please, please don’t tell them to use Blogger.  

Flickr find: Processing experiments

, originally uploaded by lennyjpg.

I love this image, created by lennyjpg and found on flickr. This fellow creates some really beautiful generative art using Processing and Flash.

Phase one of the almost cool revamp nearly complete

The basic redesign of the site is done, and I’ve laid the framework for what will hopefully become a site with much more frequent entries.

The over arching goal in this process is to make it the site into a place I want to maintain. To that end it has to work with short posts as well as longer, more typographically interesting content (more on that later).

The design is just a placeholder, and will probably never be done, but its at a stage where the public can see it and I won’t die of embarassment. Check it out. ttys