'06: What I've learned in under 150 words

say no more than you say yes

get it in writing

take a deposit

send an email after a conversation

you don’t have to suffer

disappointing people hurts more than saying no

don’t assume other people are as motivated as you

spending time with your kids, when nothing is pulling at you, is the greatest thing ever

starting a business is lonely

even doing what you love can be hard

blogging works

we can only make changes now

life exists in the moment, not in the voice in your head

acceptance is the key

buy a really good chair

buy a really big monitor (or 2)

communicate with your clients non-stop

everything will take twice as long as they say it will

it’s ok to take a break from blogging

if your people aren’t giving what you want/need, perhaps the problem lies with you, not with them

27 thoughts on “'06: What I've learned in under 150 words”

  1. If only I could remember these things! And I’m struggling right now with the question of a really good chair. :) It’s definitely going to go in the 2007 budget…

  2. Thanks! Oh look, this page is broken. Guess I’ve got some work to do!

    Sarah: BUY THE CHAIR. Seriously. Eat ramen for a month.

    Karen: you’re making me blush!

  3. Reminds me of one quote I really like- “I do not have time to write a short one, so I’m writing a long one instead”
    Haha, it takes more time to summarize sometimes,isn’t it?

    May the Force be with you, the Blo-gedi way

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